Closed Schools in Jackson County, Ohio
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updated 12 September 2013

Coalton Coal Twp. High School closed at the end of the 1963-1964 School year. Their mascot name was the Vikings and the school colors were Blue and Yellow.

There basketball team prior to closing the school, I think, were members of the SVAC for a few years, with Hannan-Trace, North Gallia, Kyger Creek, Southwestern, Racine Southern-Meigs, Reedsville Eastern-Meigs and I think former Union Furnace High School in Hocking County.

I know they used to play then Richmondale Southeastern-Ross who was the big rival game between the Coalton Vikings and Richmondale SE-Ross Panthers. Beaver and Stockdale High Schools in Pike County who were also rivals with Coalton. Bloomfield, Scioto Twp., Washington Twp., Wellston and Oakhill High Schools in Jackson County, Shade, Albany and Carbonhill High Schools in Athens County which is now Albany Alexander High School formed in 1967. I know they used to play against all the Vinton County former High Schools too. McArthur, Allensville, Zaleski, Vinton Rural, Wilkesville-Wilton and Hamden High Schools.

The fourth school to have football in Jackson County was the Coalton Vikings. They started the sport in 1939. On October 13, they played Beaver, in what was also the first game ever for the Pike County team, and Coalton won 48-0. They finished 2-2 that year, beating Beaver twice and losing to The Plains and Rio Grande.

Coalton played for three seasons, then missed from 1942 through 1945 because of World War II. They rekindled the sport in 1946, having their best season ever with a 4-1-1 record, losing to McArthur and tying Blackfork while defeating Blackfork, Rutland and the reserve teams of Jackson and Wellston.

The Coalton Vikings played their final game on November 13, 1953, a loss to Russell, Ky. that ended a winless season of seven games.

Coalton consolidated with Wellston High School starting in the 1964-1965 school year. When I was in Junior High at Wellston, Coalton School went from K-thru-8th grade. I remember picking up their Football Players on the Bus when we were going to play against the Waverly Tigers in a Junior High Football game. I also remember their Junior High Basketball Team defeating our 8th grade basketball team at the Coalton Gym in a close one. The Coalton Gym was really a little one and had a tile floor instead of wooden floor.

Wellston had a Varsity Basketball and Assistant Football Coach when I attended Wellston High Schools by the name of Coach Jenkins who graduated from Coalton H.S. My neighbor who lives beside me in Chillicothe is a 1959 graduate of Coalton H.S.

Coalton was utilized as a 4-5th grade school, I think, before they finally closed the building a few years back and have since torn down the school. The old Gym was left but the Village has done nothing with it. I believe the gym building is falling down.

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Wellston Harvey Wells School
Harvey Wells School in Wellston

1883 is the real beginning of Wellston high school. The southern part of the city grew rapidly and a school was needed in that part of town. The first was a wooden structure which burned and the brick school was built. The school built in the west was named Harvey Wells after the founder of the town.

Wellston High School 1922-2002

Wellston High School was used for grades 9-12 and sometimes lower grades as well. Built in 1928 and was updated and remodeled throughout the years. It was located near the center of town giving it good proximity to the football field, bus garage, and several stores. The class of 2002 was the last to graduate from this building.

Coalton School

Coalton Elementary just before being closed in 2002, it was serving several hundred students in grades 4-6. The school was originally Coalton High School, serving the village of Coalton

Gym at Coalton School Jan 2009
The Old Coalton Gym
photo by Tyrone Hemry

Washington Twp. High School served the kids in Washington TWP in the Byer and Ray area. Washington Twp. High school consolidated with Wellston City Schools after the 1946-1947 school year. I don't know their school colors or team MOTTO? I think the present Mayor of Wellston graduated from Washington Twp. High School? The building is still standing and I believe still owned by Jackson-Vinton Community Action. They closed the Grade School K-6 out at Washington Twp. after the 1969-1970 school year. The kids transferred to Coalton Grade and Junior High school in the Wellston City School system beginning in the 1970-1971 school year. Washington Twp. School was closed along with Harvey Wells Grade school on the West side of town and South Grade School in the South end of Wellston, due to the opening of Bundy Elementary School starting in the 1970-1971 school year.

Bloomfield High School across from Rt. 327. Their mascot was the Falcons and their colors were green and white. I know they consolidated with Oak Hill High School. They had a grade school out there until a few years ago when it was finally closed, due to the new elementary school built in Oak Hill. Since then they have torn the old school building down.

Scioto Twp. High School in the 60's or late 50's they consolidated with Jackson City Schools. I am not to sure what their school colors were or MOTTO. They had a grade school out there until a few years ago when it was finally closed, due to the new elementary schools built in Jackson. Since then they have torn the old school building down.

If anyone has any info on the old Jackson County High Schools, I would love to have any information I can build in my data base.

Thanks Army

School class at Welston
School Class at Wellston

Please send any information that you may know as to year and school etc. to

Kinnison School
8 May 2005 The Jackson County Times-Journal
School on 357

At time of the picture the school was being used as a Jackson-Vinton Inc. Community Center.  It is no longer being used as such.

photo by Tyrone Hemry
Jackson Kinnison H S abt 1912
Jackson Kinnison High School about 1912

Kinnison High School

Jackson Kinnison High School
Jackson HS abt 1920 on Portsmouth S
Kinnison High School on Portsmouth Street about 1920 Demolished in 2005
1914 Jackson, Ohio school
1914 Jackson, Ohio East Side School on South Street
Jackson's East side school
East School on South Steet, Jackson 1891-1950
Jackson Public School abt 1912
Jackson East Public School about 1912 on South Street
Jackson East School
Jackson East School on south Street, Jackson, OH
Jackson Broadway Street School

Jackson Broadway Street School

Jackson High S on Broadway abt 1908

Jackson High School on Broadway about 1908

Jackson Broadway school 1910

Jackson High School on Broadway about 1910
Jackson Franklin Township School.

Franklin Township School.
Jackson High School
Jackson High on Broadway School

Glen Roy, Ohio School Build abt 1910

Glen Roy, Ohio School Building abt 1910
This 6 room school building was built in 1895 and used until 1944 when it was condemned and torn down.
Bethel Ridge School
Bethel Ridge School taken 1n 2009
photo by Tyrone Hemry

Black Fork School

8 May 2005 The Jackson County Times-Journal

Lucas School

Lucas School built 1887 now being used as a township building
photo by Tyrone Hemry
Hickman School

Hickman School in Jackson Township, Jackson County closed in 1951 and students then had to go to Jackson Elementary School

The coal shed was near the front of the school and boy and girls toilets behind the school. The coal shed held coal for the stove inside the school which warmed the school during cold days. The school was at the edge of Hickman property. Someone bought the schoolhouse and moved it away. It later burned. Some of the teachers were Gladys McMann, Ethel Weinrich, and Ruth Landrum (3rd-7th grade)

Centerville School
School at Centerville
photo by Tyrone Hemry
School at Rhoads
School at Rhoads now used by Head Start
photo by Tyrone Hemry 22 Nov. 2010
Jackso former Liberty School
Former Liberty township School located on the Beaver Pike at Liberty Built in 1950 and closed in 1970
Jackson's South St. School
South Street School # 2 built 1951 demolished in 2006


In the 1950's when the Atomic plant came, the South Street school was completely rebuilt and cut down to a one story school. The upper floor and bell tower was considered a fire hazard. When Jackson built new elementary schools, South Street was demolished. Today the Jackson Courts have a garden on the site.

See History of Jackson County for more information about Jackson County Schools. See also: Old Schools in Jackson County

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